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When SaiDON began his career as a music producer he connected with new artists who needed free tracks to help them in their careers. He happily provided these tracks as a partnership because every music producer wants the music he creates to be heard.

After gaining experience as a music producer his skills became notable, he gained an audience and SaiDON moved on to producing custom tracks for artists who were more established.

These days SaiDON hasn’t forgotten about his humble beginnings when he was a hungry and driven young music producer who connected with hungry young artists. The Corner Store is his most recent offering to the music industry, a collection of FREE EPs made available through his Soundcloud page for any artist who is still trying to push forward in the industry.

SaiDON named this project The Corner Store because, “Every corner store always has just what you need,” he joked. “It’s a place you go to for quick satisfaction and that’s what my music guarantees.”

The Corner Store currently has 4 music tracks produced by SaiDON that are available for FREE. SaiDON plans to offer other music producers the opportunity to share FREE tracks in any genre in The Corner Store as a global collective of support for up and coming artists who want a shot at having their voices heard.

“Now that we have The Corner Store all artists can have a place to come to when they want to grab some fire tracks,” SaiDON said. “I only require that I receive producer credit for every song created and all artists who use the tracks let me know about it so that I can shout them out on Twitter.”

Check out the FREE EPs currently in The Corner Store Volume I.

If you are a music producer and you want to add to the collection, feel free to email Sai(at)SaiMakesBeats(dot)Com with your EP and Soundcloud information.



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