Music Production Lessons with Sai Makes Beats


Music production lessons with Sai Makes Beats! Learn how to make GREAT beats today!

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Do you want to learn how to become a music producer but you don’t want to start from scratch? Do you want to learn how to make beats like a professional music producer who has produced a certified GOLD song?

Florida music producer Saidon is the GOAT when it comes to producing music on the fly. He will teach you how to use professional music editing programs to produce simple music and then move on to more advanced music production techniques.

Editing software – FL Studio, Logic PRO X, Garage Band and PRO Tools 12

Each Music production class lasts up to 1 hour and will be conducted via ZOOM privately.


Level 1 if you are a true music production beginner

  • Learn how to choose your music editing software
  • Learn the notes on a piano
  • Learn how to choose a digital audio workstation
  • Select the type of music you want to create

Level 2 for next level music production techniques

  • Learn where to find drum kits
  • Learn how to use the piano roll
  • Learn to create your first beat

Level 3 for advanced music production techniques

  • Learn how to flip samples
  • Learn slight recording on your DAW
  • Learn how to mix using your music production software


Music PRO Bundle for all 3 levels of music production techniques for a total of 3 hours.



Must have stable internet connection, laptop or desktop computer, access to the Zoom or Discord app or platform, one of the music editing software listed above, a willing attitude.


There are no refunds or exchanges for dates or times for classes at any time. Make sure you choose a date that you are available and be ready.

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Class Level

Level 1 – 1 Hour Lesson, Level 2 – 1 Hour Lesson, Level 3 – 1 Hour Lesson, Music PRO Bundle – 3 Lessons in 3 Hours


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