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When IICEY’s heard SaiDON’s instrumental, he knew it was a perfect match when he added his beat to the track. IICEY’s dark mood at the time allowed him to finish the track, which made it the dope that it is!

IICEY, whose real name is Bradley, said his dark mood inspired him to make his part of the beat. IICEY used FL Studio in order to make the track. You can hear the dark, moody melody loops as it goes throughout the song.

“Sometimes I’m in a dark mood, so I wanted to make a dark beat” IICEY said.

SaiDON, who starts off the track, uses a sample from Simon & Garfunkel, who were an American folk rock duo back in the 70’s.

” I wanted to make the track dark and mysterious based,” says SaiDON. “So I had to travel back to the 70’s.”

” SaiDON’s a good match because he’s pretty good and he has a style that I’ve never heard before. He’s a cool guy and id like to work with him again sometime.” says IICEY.

SaiDOn’s uptempo sample style emerged as a Kight, forging a breathless ride over IICEY’s intoxicatingly reverberant melody!




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